Environmental Sciences

As the biotech and pharma industries witness unprecedented innovation, the importance of wastewater testing has gained significance in monitoring the spread of infectious diseases in assessing the virus infection dynamics across communities and the appearance of new variants in safeguarding public health.

At G42 Healthcare, we unlock preventive healthcare by conducting automated testing and analysis on wastewater samples and building end-to-end, cutting-edge central testing laboratories of the future. We utilize advanced AI applications to predict the spread and escalation of outbreaks and optimize the allocation of healthcare resources.

We are committed to automation by utilizing our high-quality reagents and industrial quality testing capabilities to empower the laboratories in the fight against emerging pathogens.

We offer human and non-human genome sequencing, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, and analytical use cases for agricultural solutions with leading players in agri-genomics space, cutting-edge lab management services including design, build, and operations, and enabling real-time information generation on wastewater-based epidemiology [WBE].

As part of our purpose to invent better healthcare everyday, we are working towards boosting public health, conducting automated testing and analysis on wastewater samples and building central testing laboratories of the future.

Using advanced AI applications, we predict the spread and escalation of outbreaks, thereby optimizing the allocation of healthcare resources.

In collaboration with DOE, we have built the first ever Waste Water Monitoring Laboratory that serves as an early detection and monitoring tool for presences of various toxic and hazardous wastes, radiation, pesticides, and regulated chemicals present in wastewater.

In another strategic partnership agreement with the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (ADQCC), we manage the operations of the UAE’s Central Testing Laboratory to ensure that all customer products meet the standard quality and are safe for UAE citizens.

The Central Testing Laboratory, under ADQCC, runs a gamut of testing services in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain on food products, water and beverages, as well as radiation and environmental checks, apart from ensuring the quality of cosmetics, medicines, medical devices, agriculture products and building materials that come into the market.

The immediate benefits of this partnership include:
·        Dedicated investments in terms of resources, technology, and knowledge transfer
·        Optimizing operations to achieve significant top-line growth
·        Expand to new market segments as well as new geographies.