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Abu Dhabi’s Biogenix Labs to support Iata Travel Pass app trials

Abu Dhabi-based Biogenix Labs will provide Covid-19 testing services for trials of the International Air Transport Association’s Travel Pass covering flights between the emirate and a number of cities in the US and Canada.

Biogenix Labs, which is operated by G42 Healthcare in Masdar City, will provide testing services for Etihad Airways passengers travelling between Abu Dhabi and Chicago, New York, Washington and Toronto until May 31.

“We are proud to be part of this pioneering project. Biogenix Labs is contributing to the lifting of travel restrictions using digital solutions and working with leaders in the travel industry to process verified information in a safe and secure manner,” Ashish Koshy, chief executive of G42 Healthcare, said.

Biogenix Labs was founded in March last year to rapidly scale Covid-19 testing requirements. The company was chosen as it uses the latest technology to provide the most accurate results in the shortest timespan, it said in a statement.

Iata’s Travel Pass app acts as a digital health passport that allows travellers to share Covid-19 test and vaccine certificates with airport authorities, airlines and governments.

The app is one of several digital initiatives currently in trial phases. More than 25 airlines, including Etihad, the national airline of the UAE, and Dubai’s Emirates have partnered with Iata to test the mobile app with travellers on select flights.

Aviation industry stakeholders are increasingly advocating the use of such apps to revive passenger travel demand. International passenger revenue is only likely to be at 34 per cent of 2019 levels in the second half of this year and airlines continue to sustain heavy losses.

The industry is likely to burn through a further $81 billion of cash this year, on top of about $149bn last year and is not likely to break even until next year, Iata said last month.