Advanced Omics at G42 Healthcare | Wellness & Consumer Genomics

From Diagnostics and Digital Health to Therapeutics and Advanced Omics, we have successfully leveraged telehealth services to conduct testing and tracing for COVID-19, wastewater surveillance, used AI in medical imaging and chronic disease management toward preventive healthcare, manufactured vaccines with pharma companies and launched the Emirati Genome Program in the UAE, among other initiatives.


G42 Healthcare provides end-to-end multi omics offerings, next generation sequencing solutions and biobanking capabilities at the Omics Centre of Excellence – the region’s largest and most advanced Omics facility in terms of technology coverage, automation, computational capacity, and throughput.

Digital Health

By focusing on digital health, wellness, and data services, we plan to develop healthcare cloud solutions in the UAE and beyond. As an Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing company, G42 Healthcare is uniquely positioned to improve care outcomes with faster and accurate analysis.

Advanced Diagnostics

By providing comprehensive and quality diagnostic and therapeutic services, G42 Healthcare aims to enable the region to be self-sufficient in best-in-class diagnostics.

Pharma & Therapeutics

G42 Healthcare’s Biopharma Campus in Abu Dhabi will tap into global vaccine and therapeutic products to strengthen regional supply chains and drive forward the country’s diversification and economic growth agenda.

Environmental Sciences

G42 Healthcare leverages holistic and scalable AI solutions in augmenting environmental monitoring and safeguarding public health.

Contact Research Organisation (IROS)

G42 Healthcare has set up the first and only homegrown CRO in the UAE – a one-stop solution for pharma that conducts clinical research with and for local populations.