Advanced Omics

G42 Healthcare provides advanced Omics fueled by AI for better healthcare, lifestyle and environment. Located in Masdar, Abu Dhabi, G42 Healthcare’s Omics Centre of Excellence is the region’s largest and most advanced Omics facility in terms of technology coverage, automation, computational capacity, and throughput.

Its strengths have been leveraged to achieve several significant successes, including better insights into virus mutations during the second COVID-19 wave and the key Emirati Genome Program that will pave the way for personalised and preventive healthcare delivery in the UAE.

Perfectly positioned to support the UAE’s vision to provide quality healthcare for all, we see the facility playing an integral role as we mark the next stage of our journey beyond COVID-19 in the areas of precision medicine, sustainable agriculture, food security and forensics work.

In the area of advanced Omics, G42 Healthcare’s achievements also include region-specific Viral sequencing to predict mutations better, in-depth AI assisted analysis for pre-natal, oncology, wellness genomics across the region and targeted next-gen companion diagnostics and drugs with precision medicine.