Therapeutic & Diagnostic Services at G42 Healthcare

At G42 Healthcare, we are at the cusp of innovation in life sciences. We aim to establish self-reliance of the UAE in biological, molecular, cell technology, and diagnostic and therapeutic services.
Our achievements include our agile and timely response to the COVID pandemic, our research into stem cells and longevity therapies, manufacturing of biologics and vaccine and sourcing, supplying and distribution of vaccines for leading pharma players.
Our multiple initiatives are in line to ensure that a world-class bio-pharmaceutical sector is established in Abu Dhabi.
We have been leading strategy development and policy recommendations for the UAE’s life-sciences hub across multiple tracks, including, overall policy recommendations, regulatory requirements, pharmaceutical manufacturing, technology, infrastructure and much more.
We are ready to move to the next step in our growth journey and look forward to partner with leading global research and manufacturing organizations in the diagnostic and therapeutic services field.