Ashish Koshy

Entrepreneurial and solutions driven, Ashish is a business leader who specializes in converting difficult problems into strong business propositions. A global leader in transformation and innovation, Ashish has had extensive experience across multiple industries ranging from banking to telecom and healthcare, driving Big Data and AI strategies across multiple large international corporations.

As CEO of G42 Healthcare, Ashish has been at the helm of developing bespoke AI and Cloud powered healthcare solutions in Healthcare and Government organizations across the region, building on an extensive partnership network, connecting leading international organizations to complement their ecosystem and support their vision.

Under his leadership, G42 Healthcare has built and managed significant cloud computing infrastructure, performed fundamental and applied AI research, and deployed AI-centric industry solutions across pivotal projects.

Ashish leads a multifaceted, growing organization with disruptive next generation solutions in Medical Imaging, Manufacturing, Diagnostics, Pharma, Telemedicine, Genomics and Research. He has been directing multi-stakeholder large scale national programs including the Abu Dhabi Population Genome Program and in response to the COVID19 pandemic successfully set up a high-throughput laboratory facility which is now UAE’s first lab to be accredited exclusively for COVID-19 detection.