Hanif Khalak

Hanif is a technology executive with 30 years of experience in computational science, data engineering, high-performance computing, and IT management, working with stakeholders and teams in biopharmaceutical, clinical and biomedical research enterprises. He has also generated products, patents, and journal articles as a member of teams in medical imaging, neuroscience, population and rare disease genomics, cancer drug discovery and clinical diagnostics, working with J. Craig Venter Institute, Avalon and Novartis Pharmaceuticals, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Weill Cornell Medicine.

Over the past decade at Cornell, engaging senior leadership in forging a shared vision of research computing within and across the multiple campuses, Hanif has led teams in the design, deploying, and operating large-scale high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for data storage and analysis. He also architected a virtualized cyber-infrastructure to allow performant, stable, and distributed systems, databases, web, and batch-oriented scientific applications and services in support of a diverse research portfolio on multiple campuses. This includes the maintenance of current software ecosytems for RedCap/i2b2, R/bioconductor, MATLAB, C/C++/perl/python, jupyter, TensorFlow, pyTorch, sam/bedtools, GATK, ACEMD, cryoSPARC, etc.

Hanif previously spent 10 years in the GCC, working in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. He found the regions many adventures and challenges a wonderful experience and looks forward to an opportunity to come to the UAE to help make major impacts in the growing technology and healthcare space.