Dr. Ahmad Alawadhi


Dr. Ahmad Alawadhi is the Director of Community Outreach at G42 Healthcare, overseeing the sample collection and recruitment plan for the program.

Prior to G42 Healthcare, Dr. Ahmad was a Brigadier at Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters. Earlier, he was also a lecturer at the Institute of Community Policing in Abu Dhabi, The Police College, and Al-Hosn University, Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Ahmad established the DNA Department in Forensic Science Directory for Abu Dhabi Police in 1995, and later founded the Forensic Science Laboratory in Tarrif in 1996. He also introduced a DNA database at Abu Dhabi Forensics Laboratory in 2002.

He has received several honorary medals in recognition of his service and contribution. This includes the Medal for Distinguished Performance by Abu Dhabi Police, Rashid Prize for Excellence, and the Union Foundation Memorial Medal.

Having completed his Bachelor of Biology from United Arab Emirates University, Dr. Ahmad pursued his master’s degree in Genetics from California State University followed by earning a PhD in Environment and Genetics in Forensic Laboratory, Abu Dhabi and Alexandria University, Egypt.