Dr. Ayesha Mohamed

Dr. Ayesha Mohamed is the Vice President of Research and Development at G42 Healthcare. In addition, she is managing Omics Centre of Excellence and Biobank. Dr. Ayesha Leading the research and development of Emirati genome project, provides a mechanism to link gene related information to UAE population reference sequence, negotiate agreements with industries, government and academic entities to establish research partnerships.

Also, she is responsible for including and managing the organizations’ research and development policies, objectives, and initiatives as well as recruiting and enrolling the genomics research and development team.

Dr. Ayesha brings with her a wealth of experience in human genomics, transcriptomic and metagenomics. Earlier, Dr. Ayesha was an Assistant Professor at Khalifa University of Science and Technology at Department of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering. A graduate of University of Cambridge (UK), Dr. Ayesha holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. Her key achievements include winning the UAE Pioneer Prize (2018) and Sheikh Rashid Scientific Distinction Prize (2016).