Dr. Sally Mahmoud

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Dr. Sally Mahmoud is the Lab Director and Clinical Pathologist at Biogenix Labs, a G42 Healthcare company, built to address the need for population-scale detection and diagnosis of various infections.

At Biogenix Labs, Dr. Sally leads a team of over 150 pathologists, technologists, biomedical engineers, and administrative staff, working to achieve excellence in clinical diagnostics as well as research on diagnostic methods and latest medical technologies.

Dr. Sally led the sample testing for the #4Humanity trials – the world’s first Phase-III clinical trials for inactivated vaccine against COVID-19. As an expert in the clinical diagnostic space, she has published several papers in leading medical journals.

Dr. Sally is also a visiting professor at Khwarizmi University.

She was earlier associated with Medeor 24/7 International Hospital and VPS Healthcare Group and prior to that with Ain Shams University in Egypt as a lecturer in clinical and chemical pathology.

Dr. Sally completed her bachelor’s from Ain Shams University, followed by a master’s in clinical and chemical pathology. She has a doctorate in the utilisation of multiplex PCR in the rapid detection of gastrointestinal pathogens.